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A-PDF Number Pro 5.0

Add page numbers to multiple PDF documents at the same time
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Keep track of the pages from your PDF documents by numbering them. Choose where the numbers should be located on the page, select the font that you want to use, its size and color as well as the style of the numbering and modify the transparency levels.

A-PDF Number Pro is a useful tool that allows you to add page numbers to PDF files with the advantage that you can number one or more documents at the same time. No matter what the PDF content is, the program will automatically add a page number to a selected page range in the position and with the selected text format.

To operate the program, you first need to add the desired files to the list in the main window. You can add files one by one, select a folder, or drag and drop the documents to the list. Next, you can configure the number settings. There are two tabs, one with basic settings and the other with advanced settings.

In the basic tab you can set the text properties (font, size, color, and style), the margins, the position of the stamp, and the format of the numeration. With this last feature you can add any text to the pages instead of numbering them.

In the advanced tab you can select the number type (number, caps Roman or Roman), select the page range (all pages, odd or even); you can select the page to begin and end the process and the interval; you can select the level of the text opacity, and rotate the stamp.

After you have configured all the desired parameters, you have two ways to begin the numbering process. You can directly add the numbering stamps to the source files with the "Numbering" option, or create new files with the "Numbering and Save As" option.

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  • Add page numbers to one or more PDF files at the same time
  • You can set the text properties, the margins, the position of the stamp, the format of the numeration, the number type; select the page range, set the text opacity, and more
  • You can add any text to the pages instead of numbering them


  • Trial version adds a watermark into the output PDF file
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